Herbs’ Secret: 5 Tips about Herbs and Cooking

They say a meal with no herbs is like a woman with no makeup. So, just as the night makeup isn’t OK for the daytime, some spices have specific application as well. It’s true that culinary is art, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow any rules. That’s why we’re revealing some of the herbs’ secrets today! Here’s 5 tips about their usage in the kitchen:
  1. Basil
There are some countries, for which basil is ‘a must’ when it comes to cooking. However, even they stick to some rules. For example, as basil is a quite ‘strong’ herb, it shouldn’t be mixed with many others. All in all, this spice might be the perfect addition to a vegetable meal. But still, there’s no better combination than basil and pizza or pasta. basil pizza
  1. Rosemary
Most chefs would advise you to add just a tiny little bit of rosemary to the dish. The reason for this is that the herb has an intense and somehow sweetish camphor smell. So, if you accidentally drop more than just a pinch, its aroma might ‘kill’ the other products’ taste. Rosemary is great for potatoes and fish, so you’ll not make a mistake if you choose it for such foods!
  1. Thyme
Another most favorite herb for the fish! In case you’re going to cook a fish soup, we suggest you try to make it limpid, spicy and ‘thyme-y’. However, do not ever think of mixing rosemary and thyme when cooking fish! Yes, both go well with this food, but separately, because they are dominant herbs. By the way, thyme can also fit well a bean soup, chicken or potatoes. fish and thyme
  1. Oregano
Well, oregano’s smell sometimes resembles savory, don’t you think? That’s why we could say they are replaceable, but only when dry and only for meatless meals. So, just like basil, oregano can be used for sauces and various types of pasta, but it also goes with grilled pork, barbeque, tomatoes and fish.
  1. Bay-leaves
What you need to know here is that you should put the bay-leaves a few minutes before the dish is ready. Plus, to make it release its flavors from the very beginning, you can rub the leaves between your fingers. It might sound like old wives’ tale, but it works! You can use it to prepare ‘heavy meals’ like game, white sauces, veal, pork, etc. We wouldn’t say it’s good for soups or a la minutes, so you better skip it for those. Did you enjoy this article? Expect more on the topic soon! Meanwhile, browse our Herbs & Spices as you click here!


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