Drink Wisely: 4 Hidden Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

Good health consists of three things: healthy food, regular activity and…wine. You’re not that sure about the third one? Well, it turns out it’s not that absurd as you think. Let’s see why! Some of the recent medical researches show that moderate consumption of alcohol (not only wine!) may even have beneficial effects to the body. Plus, it may prolong life! Without getting into scientific details, here are 4 hidden benefits of drinking alcohol within limits, of course:
  1. It may boost the metabolism
Forget about the beer belly! A 13-year experiment with around 20 000 women at middle age shows some fantastic results. Basically, it proves that the participants who had 3-4 glasses of alcohol per week didn’t gain more weight than nondrinkers. What’s more, scientists claim that regular, but moderate consumption of alcohol may boost the metabolism. So, what’s the conclusion here? With some limits, we can keep the calories away without sacrificing pleasure!
  1. Good for the heart
Do you remember our blog posts about red wine and its amazing properties? Here’s a quick review of Part 1 and Part 2, in case you’re curious. So, all in all wine isn’t popular as the Gift from Gods for no reason! In fact, it’s said that this beverage may help the heart do its job. According to Harvard School of Public Health moderate drinkers may enjoy 25 to 40% less risk of cardiovascular diseases. To know your limits, you only have to stick to the standard glasses for alcohol. These are sized for the optimal quantities, so you have to “listen to your glass”. red wine's benefits
  1. It can refresh the brain
Researchers from Loyola University in Chicago say that intellectual loss and mental problems are much less among the moderate drinkers. However, it’s an undeniable fact that hard drinking (more than 4-5 glasses every day) can definitely lead to dementia and cognitive disfunctions. The lesson today is: certain quantities of alcohol may stimulate the brain cells, but you always have to know your limits!
  1. It may keep diabetes away
Surprising and yet mellow news: a single drink per day may keep diabetes away! A group of endocrinologist professionals state that moderate wine drinking might reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes with up to 30%. How? Well, it turns out the alcohol increases the levels of a specific hormone that’s thought to improve insulin sensitivity. In other words, the drink can help you absorb the carbohydrates and turn them into energy. Thus, the blood sugar levels get lower and lower… We’re by no means advising the true abstainers to start drinking! However, if you enjoy a glass of two, it might be even good for you. And always remember: “Think wisely. Drink wisely.” Read more about wine here: 4 Little Secrets about Wine You would Love to Know Which of these 3 FAQs about Wine Are you Curious about?


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