5 Useful Tips on How to Replace the Dairy Products

Although it’s almost that time when you’ll be able to eat as much dairy as you wish again, this article is definitely gonna be useful for you. So, lent goes hand in hand with the lack of milk, cheese and yoghurt, right? At least we hope you’re strict with yourself when it comes to Easter fasts! So, if you’re one of those people who managed to go all the way through with no dairy, congrats! However, we’re pretty sure you’ve struggled with the idea of how to replace the favorite products, huh? Today we’re giving you 5 useful tips on what to use instead of milk and the other dairy:
  1. Use coconut milk instead of cream
OK, let’s take the morning drink for an example. When preparing your coffee, you always feel the need to put some cream on top, right? Well, you don’t have to give up on this tradition any more. Nowadays you can find coconut milk almost everywhere and it’s totally ready-to-use. We guarantee you won’t even notice the difference!
  1. Experiment with the sauces
It’s always a good idea to have a tasty sauce at hand. Unfortunately (for those of you who’re following the Easter traditions), most types of sauces are made of what? Something plus dairy products like mayo, for instance. How to replace them, though, and still have the perfect addition to your dish? The answer is simple. Experiment! Don’t you remember our blog post about chickpeas? Check it out here for some inspiration. Plus, there are thousands of other recipes on the internet. vegan sauce
  1. Coconut butter and avocado
The perfect combination for a vegan! Firstly, you can use coconut butter for cooking over heat as well as for preparing sauces and even desserts. On the other side, avocado might be an amazing addition to a toasted bread. Yummy!
  1. Go for the nuts
Expect for nut milk (like the coconut that we mentioned) you might get creative in the kitchen. What do we mean? Try making your own nut milk using cashews, walnuts, almonds or any other nuts you like. When you strain the vegan milk version, there will be a thick paste left. You can always use it for pesto and similar sauces. Again, the choices are countless!
  1. Frozen bananas instead of ice cream
How about this, huh?! Sounds like something you should definitely give a try! Plus, it’s simple to make. Peel and slice a banana and then freeze it for a couple of hours. After that you will most probably have a 100% natural fruit ice cream, which you made yourself! dairy free ice cream Did you like this article? Read more about Food and Drinks on our Blog section: 7 Suggestions on When & How to Drink Coffee Greek Easter: 5 of the Most Important Holiday Traditions in Greece 3 Appetizer Recipes with the All-Time-Favorite Mustard


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