How to Make the Best Muffins: 6 Easy Tips – Part 2

Today we prepared the long awaited Part 2 for making super tasty muffins. In case you need a reminder about our previous ‘muffin’ article, check it out here. Let’s get this started, shall we?! OK, supposing you’re the one who gets to cook and surprise the family with tasty food, here’s what you can do about the all-time favorite muffins:
  1. Use muffin paper cups
Of course, most people use them anyway because they want to avoid washing the baking forms after that. However, there’s something you probably didn’t know. The paper cups are not only saving you time, but they keep the desserts fresh for longer.
  1. Don’t overfill
Remember: always fill the paper cups up to around ¾. No more, no less. If you’re a muffin master then you probably know there’s hardly any recipe without baking powder, which makes the muffins rise, of course. What’s more, let’s not forget about the gluten in the flour, which is also another raising agent. You don’t wanna end up with overflowing muffins, right? muffin cups
  1. Don’t leave empty space
What do we mean? Well, if you prefer to use a baking form which is designed for 12 muffins, but your mixture would be enough for 10 only, don’t panic! Fill the empty forms with some water. This will help the muffins bake evenly and won’t let the baking tin lean.
  1. Let them cool
You have to learn to be patient here! Yes, we know it’s super hard for you to wait for the desserts to cool, but you have to. Otherwise you might destroy everything because when they’re too hot the muffins can easily fall to pieces. Deal?
  1. Use the frosting carefully
There are all kinds of icing recipes but the original one usually consists of butter, powdered sugar and mascarpone. We suggest you do this glaze before you start with the muffins because it must spend some time in the fridge. In addition, make sure to put the frosting over chilled muffins if you don’t want it to melt. muffin frosting
  1. Always preheat the oven
It’s advisable for you to preheat the oven while you make the mixture for the muffins. We would suggest that you bake them at 180C°. However, it won’t be wrong if you even turn the heat up to 200C°. In case you choose the higher temperature, don’t forget to lower it at some point. Who would like to eat burnt muffins?! Did you like this article? Give us thumbs up so we can know what to prepare for the future! Don’t forget to browse our Food section by categories to find all kinds of tasty Greek products. Click here to shop!


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