6 Reasons Why Cherries are Good for Your Health

Hurray! It's the season of cherries again! While we're waiting for the wonderful fruits to ripe, let's not forget there are always ways to consume them. Jams, for example, contain enough natural preservatives for them to last until the next season. Truth is there’s always a good reason to eat those little red balls! Let’s see 6 of those reasons:
  1. For diabetes
People with diabetes are limited when it comes to enjoying sweet fruits. Good news: cherries are allowed in this case! The little pulpy balls have low glycemic index (GI) – only 22, which makes them perfect for diabetics.
  1. For a healthy sleep
Having some trouble falling asleep? Cherry juice provides the body with enough melatonin – the hormone that regulates the sleep. So, to help your insomnia drink a glass of cherry juice in the morning and another one before you go to bed!
  1. For youth
As most red fruits, cherries are loaded with antioxidants, which are thought to fight against free radicals. For that very reason regular consumption of cherries in any form is said to rejuvenate. health benefits of Cherries
  1. For the heart
Cherries are popular for their beneficial effect on the heart. They contain anthocyanins, which reduce the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. That way these fruits might prevent heart diseases.
  1. For a flat tummy
This doesn’t mean “no more exercises” but the tasty fruits will definitely be of use! As a matter of fact, if you include them in your diet, this may result in “no more belly fat”. They can even help you lose some weight! cherry jam
  1. For muscle pain
If you do sports, you know what serious physical activity leads to! Cherries are going to be your friends here as they soothe muscle pain without the need of any pills. Your favorite cherry jams, cherry juices and more are always available on our online store! By the way, check out these topics as they might interest you: How about Some Peaches – Top 5 Health Benefits Lemons for Beauty - 4 Cool Things you can do in your House! Eat healthy like a Greek – 5 Things from the Mediterranean Diet that you can start using today!


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