4 Greek Breakfasts that are Worth Trying!

How about some time for Greek breakfasts? A typical Mediterranean day usually starts with a quick cup of coffee. The picture, though, wouldn’t be full, if there isn’t something tasty to eat. Let’s see 4 popular Greek breakfast foods:
  1. Trahana
Did you know that this ancient food is still used today? It’s actually a tiny grain product that goes well with fresh milk and feta cheese. Having all that in one bowl makes a vitamin bomb for your body. It’s full of minerals, organic acids, free amino acids – you name it! greek trahana
  1. Koulouri
These sesame-seed bread rings are some of the most favorite things for Greeks. At first sight it may seem as a simple breakfast, but you definitely have to get one and then you'll see it's not that simple as you think! Combine it with graviera cheese or Tzatziki sauce and enjoy! koulouri
  1. Strained yoghurt
What would be a Greek breakfast without yoghurt?! It’s most often mixed with thyme honey and some nuts. Yummy! Not only is this food super delicious, but also very healthy, so go grab your bowl and treat yourself with a tasty snack! yoghurt with honey and nuts
  1. Ouzo & Coffee
Yes, you read it right! This unusual cocktail will definitely cheer you up in the morning. Now that’s the thing we want to start our day with! However, we would suggest you have it with a plentiful breakfast – you know why, don’t you?! ouzo and coffee If you’re up for a Greek morning food, supply yourself with the traditional products from our e-store! Don’t forget to regularly check our blog for other topics like: How is Halloumi made? (Bonus: A Quick and Delicious way to enjoy it!) 6 Facts about the Greek White Wine Retsina 4 Tips for Cooking with Wine


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