The Truth about Smoked Foods (+ Homemade Smoked Cheese Recipe)

Some people like to say that “If it ain’t smoked, it ain’t food.” Well, it’s true that smoked foods’ aromas are quite specific and they tend to give any product a very special note. Whether it’s smoked meat, fish or cheese – it always tastes amazingly ‘smoky’. Who knows where exactly the secret hides? We can only guess! The fact that smoked foods are so cool doesn’t make them super healthy, of course. Actually, there are so many “for” and “against”s about such products that we can hardly know what the real truth is. However, we would agree that smoked food has its drawbacks. Some of the most common concerns have to do with the heat and its effects. First of all, it’s very important that the food is well prepared thermally. And here’s where the second point comes from – the properties of smoke itself. However, as Socrates have said: “All things in moderation, including moderation.”! This means that having a piece of smoked cheese or salmon from time to time wouldn’t do any harm at all. As a matter of fact, eating smoked cheese, for example, can even be beneficial. How is that possible? So, smoked cheese is known to contain less fat, which automatically makes it one step healthier. We should also be aware that the preparation of such product doesn’t require any additional fat at all. Even the one that’s present tends to melt during the heating process! What’s more, most smoked foods are quite rich in proteins, which is a huge plus itself. A bunch of experts suggest that we choose reliable brands that we can trust. These are very strict in terms of temperatures and food processing, so there shouldn’t be any worries at all. On the other hand, if you want to make your own smoked product, specialist advice to use a good marinate before smoking. They believe that this will prevent any dangerous emissions from entering the food whatsoever. Ready to make your own smoked cheese at home? Check out this super easy recipe! What you’ll need: 300g cow cheese Rosemary, 4 springs Thyme, 5 springs Shavings 4x vine-twigs Charcoal smoked cheese Take a deep stew pan and cover it with 2 sheets of aluminum foil. Then place some blazing charcoals, a handful of shavings (most preferably from morello-, cherry- or plum tree) and the vine-twigs. Put a strainer to the bottom and spread rosemary and thyme on top. After that cut the cheese in thick pieces and place them over the herbs. Wet a cotton towel and squeeze it tightly. Cover the saucepan with it. Then it’s time for cooking! Place the stew pan over low heat and let the cheese smoke for 30-60 minutes. In case this procedure sounds like time-consuming, we offer you our Smoked Cretan Graviera cheese with thyme! Click here to shop! Mortadella: 2 Things you (probably) didn’t Know about this Popular Meat 3 Benefits of Avoiding Trans Fatty Acids 4 Things You Didn’t know about Trahana + Bonus: 3 Easy Recipes


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