Broccoli - 8 Uncommon Facts you Might be Interested In

Today we have prepared for you a short article about the most interesting and (probably) unknown facts about broccolithe anti-cancer vegetable.
  1. Broccoli comes from the Mediterranean lands, specifically from Italy. The vegetable is long known by the Ancient Romans during the 6th century B.C.
  2. Did you know that broccoli contain high levels of vitamin C? A cupful of sliced broccoli is equivalent to a cupful of oranges!
  3. What’s more, broccolis are very rich in fibers, which is very important for the immune system and the normal functioning of our body.
  4. They are also thought to fight cancer cells because of the high quantity of vitamin A!
  5. If you have some heart issues, make sure to include broccoli on the menu! Kaempferol, which helps diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, is found in the vegetable as well.broccoli
  6. Have you ever heard of “The broccoli state”? People use to call California like this as it produces 90% of this particular vegetable in the USA.
  7. Thomas Jefferson used to be a huge fan of broccoli. In fact, he has been the first to import and enroot broccoli seeds back in 1767.
  8. Funny thing to know is that the vegetable is a constant part of James Bond movies! Yes, we are not kidding! The producer of the cult series is called Albert Broccoli, an Italian living and working in New York. Today his daughter Barbara Broccoli is also involved in the James Bond movies.
If you are not a broccoli lover, but you would like to try including it in your diet, you should probably think of some reasonable ways to do so. As a British food writer says: “I want to give you a way to eat your broccoli in a way that you actually want to eat it.” In other blog posts, we will continue the topic on broccoli and some of the best ways to cook it deliciously! For more, read other articles such as: 10 Chocolate facts worth knowing! 4 Types of Greek Cheese you will fall in Love with! 6 reasons to use Chamomile more often!


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