4 Types of Greek Cheese you will fall in Love with!

“Life is great. Cheese makes it better.” We would also add: “Greek cheese makes life better!” In fact, the Greek sorts are said to be the best in the whole world. Let’s see some of the most popular ones:
  1. Graviera /Γραβιέρα/
Known as the symbol of Crete, Graviera is the most consumed sheep dairy after Feta. It has a light yellow color and its taste is mild, with a tiny tinge of sweetness. According to Greek standards, Cretan Graviera should be made of milk from free-range sheep. That means you get the best out of it! greek cheese graviera
  1. Feta /φέτα/
Meet the most popular Greek cheese! Feta matches literally any kind of meal – from salads and appetizers to the main course. Wanna learn more about Feta? Read our blog post about its health benefits! greek cheese feta
  1. Kopanisti /Κοπανιστή/
If you’ve been to the famous Greek island of Mykonos, then you’ve probably had some Kopanisti cheese. It has a creamy texture, salty and quite spicy taste, which makes your mouth water! Greeks, never being untrue to their principles, usually combine it with ouzo or white wine. greek cheese kopanisti
  1. Myzithra /μυζήθρα/
This fresh cheese is made from sheep, goat or cow milk (sometimes mixed). If you’re wondering what it looks like, imagine Italian ricotta. They are pretty much alike! People use Myzithra as pastry fillings or for other sweets. greek cheese mizithra No matter what type it is, we know one thing for sure – Greeks definitely know how to make delicious cheese with deep taste and flavor. Bon appetite! Read more on our Blog: How is Halloumi made? (Bonus: A Quick and Delicious way to enjoy it!) 3 Health Benefits of Feta Cheese you should know! 4 Tips for Cooking with Wine Meet the Greek Souvlaki! Don’t forget to browse our Greek dairy products category by clicking here!


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