Coffee Marathon: 7 More Facts that Might Get your Attention

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” Not only do we bet that everything seems much easier with coffee, but we actually know it! In case you’ve been following our blog, you are probably familiar with how much we enjoy coffee… And everything about it! Here’s to another round of ‘coffee marathon’! Today we start with 7 more facts that we hope to get your attention with:
  1. You can probably think of at least one time that you’ve heard of mild, medium or dark But do you really know what these terms mean? Well, how one will call it actually depends on the roasting process. When coffee beans are lightly roasted, it’s called mild coffee. Dark coffee, of course, has the most intense taste but it tends to have the lowest levels of acidity. light vs dark roast
  2. As a matter of fact, if you want to have a really tasty drink, then the beans should be very well roasted. It turns out that’s both a science and an art! During the roasting process (from 188 C° to 232 C° for around 20 minutes) the green beans are thought to lose about 18-23% of their weight. What’s more, they can also reduce their size with up to 60% and change their colour from light to dark brown.
  3. Hey, do you know how much calories a sugar free coffee cup would hold? Exactly zero. Yeah, go ask a specialist if you don’t believe it!
  4. Speaking of calories, coffee is actually said to supress appetite and increase the calorie burn. Let’s say you drink about 6 cups of coffee each day and combine them with some good physical activity. This may easily lead to the desired body shape as coffee might get you rid of the extra fat with up to 20% faster than usual!
  5. Of course, each culture has their specific traditions and rituals when it comes to coffee. For example, people in Greece as well as in Turkey tend to serve the drink starting from the oldest ones. This gesture means that there is respect and honour for the elderly! coffee for elderly
  6. Others like the Bedouins are known to brew their coffee by adding things like ginger and cardamom. This way the spices give a nice yellowish color to the drink, but they also increase the flavors. By serving coffee to their guests, they like to say: “My home is your home!”
  7. A single coffee mug is thought to contain around 300 antioxidants, all of which “live” in our body for about a month. Can you believe this? In case you are curious, read more interesting facts about coffee’s health properties in this article as well! (facts about coffee – part 3)
There’s so much to explore from the ‘coffee world’ that we always find interesting things to share with you! We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments! After that, be sure to browse our e-store and find a variety of 100% natural coffee sorts. Click here to shop!


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