4 Drinks that Can Quickly Quench your Thirst

Sometimes it’s just a couple of huge gulps that we desperately need, right?! That’s especially true when the weather outside feels like 40C° and as if there’s not enough air to breathe. Sounds like summer! Of course, alcohol and beer are the usual suspects when it comes to slaking the thirst. However, they may not be good for the heats, because they actually bring a deceiving sense of chill. Here’s 4 drinks that will really manage to bring life back to your mouth:
  1. Karkade
OK, we know this one sounds weird for most of you! Karkade, though, is actually something that’s quite simple…and familiar. Its other name is hibiscus, a flowering plant, which is known for its health benefits and amazing flavors. So, back in Antiquity people used to call karkade “the drink of Gods” as the pharaohs and Egyptian priests enjoyed it a lot. Karkade is probably one of the best drinks you may have to treat your thirst. Its specific sweet-sour taste is definitely quite refreshing! Plus, there are also plenty of benefits you might get. It may have positive effects on the liver as well as on the nervous system. Hurray! karkade
  1. Lemonade
Of course there are lots of lemonade recipes and options that you can choose from. Homemade lemonade is what would bring you most benefits, but sometimes it requires time and efforts that not everyone is ready to give. However, in case you are an enthusiast and wanna try, check out some of these ideas! Anyways, we’re 100% sure that lemonade is able to quench the thirst as it’s said to really cool down the body. What’s more, it can be a good source of vitamins as well! lemonade
  1. Water
Do you know how important it is to drink enough water? Read this to find out the truth about this simple drink. We would surely agree that drinking water in the hot summer days (and throughout the whole year in general) is the best thing you can do. It’s because this is the kind of drink that has zero calories, slakes the thirst and helps hydration at the same time. Clean water at room temperature – it’s all you need! water hydration tips
  1. Tomato juice
“Bloody Mary’s count as a vegetable, right?” No, no, no! By suggesting that you drink tomato juice we suggest only tomato juice and nothing else. Tomatoes in general are said to contain high doses of citric and malic acid as well as oxalic acid. These can be quite beneficial for your metabolism, by the way. Plus, let’s not forget about lycopene, the main antioxidant in tomatoes that can protect the heart and the blood vessels. So, it turns out that tomato juice is amazing for maintaining the mineral balance within the body, but also for quenching the thirst. Thanks to all its cool properties, tomato juice can protect your organism from serious dehydration. Great! tomato juice You might also like to read some of our other blog articles: Eat your Vegetables: 5 of the Best Spring Green (or not!) Products 7 Stunning Health Facts about Pomegranate Juice 8 Interesting Facts about Tomatoes


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