Expect the Unexpected: 10 of the Most Surprising Facts about Foods & Drinks

As they say “Knowledge is power; power is wisdom and wisdom is understanding.”. Learning new things every day is definitely something that we should all turn into a habit, right?! For example, it’s absolutely amazing how much we don’t know about what we eat. Don’t you agree? Let’s have a test! Did you know that…
  1. …cheese is one of the world’s most stolen foods? Well, according to some unpretentious researches around 4% of cheese around the world is illegally taken. There’s even some information that there is a ‘black market’ for stolen cheese. But who would do this?!
  2. …a can of dietary Coca-Cola is able to float in water, while the regular coke isn’t? You can’t have known this! Well, except if you’re not too much into experiments, though. It turns out that the sugary can will sink to the bottom because of its density. coke facts
  3. …one can literally hear how rhubarb, an edible plant, grows? Back in the past some people used this method of placing rhubarb under a dark shed so that “it thinks” it’s spring. This way the plant would grow so quickly that one could actually hear it come into leaf.
  4. …people who eat more pizza might be having lower risks of getting cancer? If that’s true, give those pizza slices over here! Hey, in case you want some original pizza recipes, here’s this article that might give you some ideas!
  5. …dark chocolate is said to contain a substance that our body turns into phenylethylamine? That’s exactly the same thing that our brain tends to release when we’re in love. How cool is that!
  6. …big piles of pistachios are able to start spontaneously burning? Well, that might be due to the oily thread-like materials used during transportation. These might actually cause a huge trouble to the pistachio nuts (and not only!). So, be careful when driving by a truck full of pistachios, right!? pistacchio's facts
  7. …honey doesn’t really have an expiry date? OK, we know this one has been going around lately but it really is true. And it’s amazing! There’s no food on this planet that wouldn’t go bad even if it comes directly from your garden and doesn’t have a label. Except for honey, of course! It lasts
  8. …any food would sink in a bowl of water? Well, you definitely can’t know such a thing because it’s not true at all. Especially not for apples! In case you don’t believe it, try. Drop an apple inside water and see what’s going to happen. It wouldn’t sink because apples are known to contain about 25% air, which allows them to literally float. fruits in water
  9. …the flower that gives vanilla (which we all adore) lasts for only one day? Yeah, for this period it should be pollinated or it would die. But how short a life this would be only for us, people, to take advantage of it!?
  10. …healthy foods cost about 10 times more than the others? Well, if you’re trying to stay healthy, you will probably know this by now. It’s one of those facts that really make us sad and even mad. The planet is facing issues like obesity while there is so much junk food out there… No wonder why that is!
So, how many out of 10 do you have right on the test? Share with us in the comments down below! In the meantime, be sure to follow our Blog: 6 Herbs that Your Thyroid Gland Might Like 4 Questions about Sausage that Explain Everything Chocoholic – 10 Signs of Chocolate Addiction


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