Cream Cheese: All you Need to Know about this Dairy Product

“I like cream cheese in just about anything.” Do you often feel the same? If so, today’s article is definitely going to get your attention. So, it’s cream cheese time! Basically, this is a soft cheese usually that consists of cow milk and cream. Thanks to its creamy texture, it’s super appropriate for the quick morning toasts before work or school. However, cream cheese is also amazing when put into various dishes. It’s notable for its specific, gentle and unostentatious milk taste (like many other soft types, of course). All in all, cream cheese is popular as a soft white cheese with at least 33% fat and no more than 55% water content. Here’s what else you need to know about your favorite type of dairy! Are you curious about the process of making the cheese itself? Well, there’s information that the technology requires killing the preferment and more specifically the Lactic acid bacteria. This happens through a very precise method of heating at a certain moment. Otherwise the product will most likely fail to turn into a creamy cheese itself. As you might already guess, the production of this kind of dairy is quite complex, so let’s give a virtual applause to all those who work hard to produce it! OK, now that you know everything about the making process you might also be interested to learn something more about the cheese’s history. What we found out is that there are some data showing that cream cheese first appeared in England back in 1583. A few years later, in 1651, people in France started using it as well. Hey, did you also know that the first time it was out on the market cream cheese was sold in a metal foil package? Sounds weird, huh! As of today, you can find it in all kind of packages. There are boxes, tubes or anything else that can hold the creamy product inside. In general, when it’s in the stores, employees make sure to store it at 1-5ºС for no more than 45 days in total. Yes, cream cheese can actually last for more than a month, but only when stored correctly. However, you should always have a look at the expiry date when buying something! Now, let’s talk a bit more about the cheese as part of the menu, shall we? As you already know, cream cheese is perfect for breakfast. It’s also used as a spread for bread slices, bruschetti, rusks or others. The dairy’s taste is often a great match to all kinds of green herbs and spices and even to veggies. In case you want something sweet, though, you can combine it with sauces, jams, fruits or chocolate. Totally guilt-free! cream cheese What else do you know about cream cheese that we forgot to mention? Share with us in the comments! In the meantime, don’t forget to check our Dairy category and choose your favourite product! Tomato Paste: 3 Quick & Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Any Time of the Day Delicious Bread Alternatives for the Hot Summer Days 4 Traditional Greek Goodies you Must Try


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