How to Drink Water the Right Way – 6 Tips for the Best ‘Water Time’

Drinking water is one of the first things we ever learn how to do, isn’t it? But still, it appears that many of us don’t actually know when the right time to do so is. Before we jump straight into the topic about when to drink water, we have to say it’s very important to calculate how much water we should drink. Probably you’ve already heard of the ‘8x8 rule’, which says “Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day.” To be even more precise, you could calculate your own water intake. This calculation depends on your weight and age and goes like this:
  • 16-30 years old: 35-40ml/kg
  • 31-54 years old: 30-35ml/kg
  • 55-65 years old: 30ml/kg
  • Over 65 years old: 25ml/kg
Now that we know how much water we should drink, let’s see when the right time to do so is:
  1. After you wake up
No matter how many hours of sleep you have, it’s enough for your organism to get dehydrated. That’s why a glass of water right after you open your eyes can make your body wake up. What’s more, water can stimulate the metabolism, which is great for the morning routines.
  1. Before eating
Remember to drink water before your meal, not while you eat. When you drink some pre-meal water, you’ll most likely feel site without having to eat the whole food. Plus, did you know water may activate the gustatory receptors? This way the food will be much more appetizing!
  1. When feeling hungry
The idea is not to stuff yourself with lots of food, but to replace it for water. So, when your stomach starts rumbling, you better have some water. However strange it may seem, sometimes we tend to mistake hunger for thirst. best times to drink water
  1. Before & after workout
Good thing to know is that liquids need about an hour to get to the muscles. This means you have to prepare your body for the following exercises with some water intake. Of course, after gym you also have to get back what’s lost during that workout.
  1. During sickness
Whether you’re ill, or someone else around you is always sneezing and coughing, you have to get more water. People say that the good hydrated body is much stronger when it comes to bacteria and viruses!
  1. Exhaustion
In case you’re out of energy, but you can’t recharge the batteries with a quick nap, guess what you should try?! It’s said that a good amount of water might make you more energetic, so go ahead! human body content Don’t forget that 98% of headaches come from dehydration! Wanna read other interesting topics on our blog? Check these out: 3 Easy Tricks for a Healthy Diet during Summer 4 Reasons Why you Should Take a Spoonful of Olive Oil Every Day 5 Super Refreshing Drinks that make Summer Fantastic


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