4 Effective Ways to Deal with Seasonal Depression

The famous Welsh painter Kyffin Williams once said: “I love the autumn for its sense of melancholy seems to strike my need for sadness. There is poetry in the dying of the year and mystery as well.” However, not all of us are capable of such a philosophic way of thinking, right? If you’re one of those who feel how autumn is quietly settling down and still can’t handle it, don’t worry. Autumn sadness is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and however depressive this might sound taking the right steps can make you forget about it in no time. Here’s 4 easy and effective ways to deal with autumn sadness:
  1. Aromatherapy
In case you don’t know, aromatherapy is an alternative therapeutic method that uses essential oils to make you calmer and healthier. Except for this classical approach we can assure you that you can also take advantage of the culinary aromas as well. What do we mean? Try using more lemons, grapefruits, oranges (citrus fruits as a whole) and more spices like cinnamon and vanilla. All these are known as amazing aromatherapy sources!
  1. Mood-boosting fruits & veggies
It’s all about the berries here! Science says that blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are able to lift the mood. That’s because they’re super rich in antioxidants. What’s more, the leafy green vegetables contain high doses of folic acid, which is good for the psyche. Oh, let’s not forget about oat flakes and dark chocolate, though. Is it just us, or aren’t all these foods also tasty as hell?! 
  1. Herbs
What kind of treatment would it be without all the natural herbs?! St. John’s wort for example is one of those special healers. If you brew some tea at least a couple of times a week, you might notice how much more energy you have. Read more about the herb here (in case you’re curious). Ginkgo Biloba, lemon balm (a.k.a. common balm) or ginger can be also very effective against SAD(ness!).
  1. Vitamin D
We all know how important vitamin D is, right? Having in mind that the sun is hiding behind clouds more often now, this might result in bad mood and low immune system. In this case specialists suggest that we take vitamin D through salmon, orange juice, red meat, egg yolk or cereals. There’s a solution after all! vitamin D Which is your favorite way to deal with the autumn sadness? Hit the comments down below if you wanna share! Meanwhile, check more articles like this on our Blog: Top 3 Herbs for a Good Night’s Sleep 4 Healing Spices that You shouldn’t Miss 4 Healing Spices that You shouldn’t Miss – Part 2


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