Fathers Day and BBQ

Father's Day is just by the corner and is one of the most important grilling day of the year and no family feast is complete without a selections of BBQ and a little refreshment!!

Father's Day!!!!
Father, Daddy, Mpampas........
The man when is always here for us even if we don't see him!! The man when always supporting us from where ever he is! The man when holding you, step with you and loves you even when he knows you "love" more your mum than him!!!

Take the opportunity to grill up the best meat and pair it with the testiest libations under the hot sun!!

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Burger and Beer

Some dads want to keep it simple and is absolutely fine, we are not arguing with that. If he is one of those then don't worry we have options for him!! 


 Load image into Gallery viewer, Burger Stuffed with Feta Cheese 140gr (1kg pack) (6878846124239)  


And for the Vegetarians


And of course burger without a beer is a sandwich without a bread!!


Ermioni Info Greek Food Drinks Ermionida Argolida Peloponnese Greece |  holiday information and homes in Ermioni, Greece


Souvlaki and Gyros in Pita!!

If your Dad love Greece then you have to go with something completely Greek!! And Guess what!! We have anything that you need!!!


And again a bottle of cold beer need to accompany your BBQ!!!


And always remember that Fathers feels really exclusive some times from the love of the children, so don't forget to tell them how much you love them and how important they are in to your lives!!!


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