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Vergina beer 5% vol. 330ml

"Vergina" Beer 330ml Beer " VERGINA" belongs to the category Premium Lager. It took it's name from the city of Vergina, which is the...
Beers Drinks Vergina
Alcoholic Drinks

Vergina Black Beer 330ml

Vergina Black Beer 330ml An unfiltered strong black beer with a distinctive rich taste and fine aromas. When the art of roasting meets the...
Beers Drinks Vergina

Vergina Red Beer 330ml

Vergina Red Beer 330ml An aromatic amber lager beer made with Thracian specialty malts. VERGINA Red Beer has a particularly intense flavour and exquisite...
Beers Drinks Vergina

Vergina Beer Can 500ml

Vergina Beer Can 500ml An authentic premium lager beer brewed in accordance to the strictest specifications for European lagers (Reinheitsgebot-German Beer Purity Law). It...
Beers Drinks Vergina

Vergina Beer Alcohol Free 0.33lt

Vergina Beer Alcohol Free 0.33lt Welcome the new Alcohol Free beer, the new member of VERGINA family.VERGINA Alcohol Free is a true Premium Lager...
Beers Drinks Vergina

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