6 Facts about the Greek White Wine Retsina

If you’ve already been to Greece, then you might be familiar with their traditional wine sorts. Retsina is so typical for this country that it has become literally a best seller!

You are a wine lover? Great! This article may provoke your interest, so keep reading.

  1. The wine exists since around 3000 years. Back then, the winemakers were in search of ways to preserve it as it used to quickly spoil. That’s how they discovered the pitch from pine trees, which helps the wine keep longer.
  2. As we learned, retsina’s technology includes pine resin, which gives this specific flavoring and aftertaste. Do you now get where its name come from?
  3. It’s only Greece that is allowed to produce Retsina within the European Union. In fact, the product is protected as Appellation traditionelle (produced with traditional method of adding pine resin).
  4. In the Mediterranean country there are thousands of vineyards, most of which are at an unusual sea-level – between 600 and 1000m. That’s where the majority of white wines come from.
  5. Today this wine sort is usually produced in Attica, Boeotia, Evia and some areas in Cyprus.
  6. Retsina is a great accompaniment to all seafood, olives, feta, pita bread and pretty much anything that’s Greek!
No matter if you prefer white or red wine it always puts the final touch to the meal. And to finish with a tease, remember that “age and glasses of wine should never be counted.” Like the article? Hit the comments and share your thoughts about it! Also don't forget to check out our other articles, such as: 4 Tips for Cooking with Wine 4 Quick & Delicious Pita Bread Pizza Ideas How is Halloumi made? (Bonus: A Quick and Delicious way to enjoy it!) Meet the Greek Souvlaki!


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