Frozen Food

Cocktail Fruit canned fruit 822gr (Composta)

Cocktail Fruit canned fruit 822gr (Composta) Fruit cocktail compote (peach, pear, grape, pineapple, cherry) in light syrup without preservatives. Ingredients Fruit (peach, pear, grape,...
Canned & Jarred Fruits

Quince fruit preserve 500g

“Makedoniki” Spoon Sweet Quince - Kydoni 500g Quince, with its special taste and flavor, is a fruit with great use in pastry. It is...
Desserts Fruit Preserve Spoon Sweets

Tomato pulp 680g

"Makedoniki" Tomato Pulp 680g Created tomatoes for delicious home made recipes. Natural product without preservatives. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins (A, B, C) and...
Food Cupboard Sauces & Dressings
Tomato Paste

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